Welcome to Sabro A/S

SABRO A/S - also known as SABRO Foundry - has more than 65 years of experience for production of hand moulded iron casting of extreme high quality.
When iron is hand moulded, it Means, that the core and sand pattern, which is the Foundation for casting, is being made by highly skilled labors.

SABRO A/S producing nodular iron and high strength casting, having a high toughness, and a high strength, which correspond to the relative strength of steel. Nodular iron and high strength casting is a modern type of cast iron, which has a very higher strength, than in the old days understood by casting.
SABRO A/S strengths and expertise is from 35 kg. up to 4.500 kg. of goods with high demands on materials and complexity in small to medium series.

SABRO A/S is producing goods in following qualitys:
- Ductile iron EN GJS350 - EN GJS800
- Grey iron EN GJL200 - EN GJL350
- Numbers of special qualitys



KSMV and Mandal Maskinering are combining their businesses to establish a leading Nordic operator supplying machining services.


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