SABRO A/S is one of Denmark's biggest manufactures of hand-mould casting. Our foundry is furthermore one of the only foundry in the Wold, authorized to produce for the offshore industry.

We offer system deliveries including machining, surface treatment, documentation and logistics. As turnkey supplier SABRO A/S is having the focus on, that the customer only needs to contact one supplier.

We are approximately 65 employees, who every day, put a pride an getting an old craft - combined whit modern knowledge and technology - performed to the customers complere satisfaction. Many of our employees have wide experience and know-how, whitc benefits all employees in the teamwork, which creates castings of high quality to our customers worldwide.

The hard Work in the foundry, demands good energy, and therefore it is importuned for SABRO A/S to offer employees a good and varied food from our own kitchen staff.

We have a large and modern canteen, where the employees daily are serviced and bay their food. The canteen has an elite smiley, as it is possible to see at the following link:

SABRO A/S also takes care of the environment, focusing on recycling in the production of cast iron. As an example, in the melting processing we are using selected scrap, and our sand is reused up to 25 times.

SABRO A/S supplies casting in raw form or with different machining operations in casting, depending on customer needs. All necessary documentation, machining and quality controle are a naturally part.

A big part of the sales is usually for the offshore indudtry, and the shipping industry. In addition machined casting is used for production of piston compressors, diesel engines, gas engines, valves, turbochargers, Wind turbines, as well as for woodworking machines and tools.