Manufacturing methods

SABRO A/S produces castings, that has a toughness and strength, which fully matches steel.

With a modern production Facility and technology is SABRO A/S a highly flexible collaborator and supplier of cast iron.

Casting in sand is a thousand year old tecknique. The manufacturing method at SABRO A/S is in return highly modern, which new technology and a process that ensure effeciency and casting of the highest quality.

Producion of casting is carried most often in series, but we also offer manufacturing of single pieces castings.

Casting is produced by the customers patterns.

Moulding happens in furan-sand in boxes, and the items are casted in nodular iron or grey iron. We also provide a wide range of special alloys.

After moulding, the items eliminates from the boxes and being cleaned. The after-treatment and quality control is based on customers requirements.

Quality control is carries out and documented by our own employees, in our own Laboratory where the Measurements and analyzes ensure that our castings as an absolute minimum always comply with the requires quality.